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Who we are?

We are a software development company that is focused on creation of iOS and Android mobile apps for hotels, resorts and chains of hotels, apartments or villas. Creating the best hotel concierge apps we provide our clients with an advanced retention tool. The tool that helps to attract guests, welcome them in a pleasant way and keep in touch at the right time and in the right place.

Mobile Bookings, Check-in, Checkout and much more!

  • Hotel brand promotion
  • Loyalty program
  • Free messaging
  • Special offers
  • Analytics
  • Live chat
  • Welcome messages
  • News and events
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  • iBeacons and promotions
  • Fast mobile bookings
  • Offline map and GPS
  • Mobile check-in / checkout
  • Facilities and service ordering
  • Social sharing

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Developing apps,

we think about you and your guests

    • Pay only for modules you need
    • More than 30 modules, more than 70 functions
    • Integration with HMS / PMS
    • Multilingual support
    • Flexible and simple configuration
    • Individual and hotel chain apps
    • Cloud-based control panel
    • Fast and reliable branded apps

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