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How does guest install the app?

Here are 10 possible ways to inform your guests about your application.

1. Catch them when they are checking in.

The reception is the most visited place at your hotel. Each guest comes to it several times a day for sure. While waiting, when checking in or out, guests very often look through the leaflets or take their smartphones. You can help them to enjoy this waiting time by placing a leaflet with the description of your app or its QR code at the reception and take an advantage of it.

2. The room and directory.

At the hotel room, a guest usually goes through the magazines offered, switches on the TV-set, looks through the directory and room service menu. It is the best moment to tell your guest about the advantages, features and convenience of your mobile application.

You can easily engage your usual guests by simply placing a flyer or a sticker with a brief description of the app inside the room.

3. Restaurant.

Mobile apps for restaurants have already become a common thing, and the success is hidden in the time when the guest is waiting for the dish, studying leaflets and stickers on the table. One of such leaflets usually tells the guest about the convenience of the mobile app.

If the mobile app offers to get the loyalty card very quickly, the guest will definitely download it.

4. First booking.

Having booked a room at your hotel, guests usually give their personal information. When confirming the bookings, in the signature of the e-mail you can drop a hint that it is possible not to search for your hotel through the search engine next time. With the help of the mobile app, they will be able to do it quickly and easily.

5. Hotel web site.

Hotel web site traffic usually exceeds ten thousand users per month. This traffic can be easily used for the promotion of the mobile app. Thus, by placing a banner, a piece of news or a link to the app on your website,  you will be able to inform your guests about the possibility to study all the services available, get a discount, use the card, etc.

6. Messaging.

If you use e-mail/sms/smm messaging for promoting your hotel services, it has to contain the piece of news about the mobile app that has been developed.

7. Word-of-mouth marketing.

Having experienced all the advantages of the mobile app, your guests will definitely tell others about it. It is a great way of informing your guests about your application as far as it needs no effort!

8. Special offer

In order to increase the number of users quickly, you can simply tell your guests that only users of the mobile app can access some special offer. It is also possible to use the Feedback Module to register for taking part in a special offer.

9. WiFi

By downloading a promo-page of the app as the home page in the settings of your router, the number of times the application is downloaded increases considerably.

10. Guests’ interest

Finally, it is guests who are searching for you and your app. The direct Google search or questions to your staff will probably lead him to the link to your app.