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Mobile application or mobile website?

If you are choosing between creating a website and a mobile app, we offer you our advice on this matter.

Let’s first consider the functions the mobile website and the mobile app perform.

A mobile website is a tool for attracting new guests, who prefer using mobile devices.

It works according to the principle: a guest – > a hotel website, as long as it is the guest who initiates the visit to the hotel website first. Moreover, the website is always in the highly competitive environment of search engines and a potential guest always has a list of websites to choose between.


Mobile apps are usually downloaded by guests, who have already stayed at your hotel or have booked a room in it. Mobile apps give guests some special offers or benefits, which they can’t get at the hotel website or via OTA and they make it possible to add a new experience of the interaction of a hotel and a guest.

The application works as a two-sided communication channel. A guest can contact a hotel by writing a message in a hotel chat, make a call quickly or write an e-mail, and a hotel in turn can send push-notifications.

A mobile app doesn’t require guests to make decisions, search for and compare anything.


It is impossible to ignore the mobile marketing trend. The spread and usage of mobile devices, high competition at the hospitality market require new tools and approaches. We recommend hotels invest in the development of a mobile app and in the mobile or responsive-design website development. With both of this solutions hotel will be able to catch mobile users and soon convent they to the loyal regular guest.