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Reasons to create mobile application for hotel


1. Hotels have the resource, which they do not use

Customer base is a huge resource, but hoteliers have no tools to manage it. This application will enable your marketing department to discover what interest and desires of the loyal customers are, bring all your guests together at the event, tell your guests about your special offer and get their feedback.


2. Frequent guests need some privileges

If there are no privileges, then what can prevent a guest from choosing another hotel? This mobile app will provide your guests with premium rights, all the necessary information and the personalized connection with the hotel.


3. Hotels want to be closer to their guests

As far as loyal clients know the hotel better, they use a wider range of services.  Providing your guests with more options, the hotel gets some advertising space just on the screens of their guests’ smart phones, which is a pleasant and mutually beneficial exchange.


4. Hotels can cut costs

After getting some advertising opportunities, the hotel will be able to reduce the number of advertisement at the streets and in print, it mostly concerns advertising images, inside hotel advertising in printed matter and media.


5. Promotion of the app is almost free

You can get a significant increase of the number of your loyal clients, who are always just in one click from you, by simply placing a download link at your website or in the social network.


6. Efficiency calculation and result

The statistics collected by the app will give full data about the results of work with loyal clients. You will get the reaction to the message, popularity of services, number of visits, bookings from any country or region. With the loyalty card your guest will not delete the app.


7. You will simplify the processes

If you change your old methods of promotion into the new ones, your marketing strategy will become simple and clear. The Internet methods will be used for attracting new guests, and the mobile app will be used for the guests who are staying at the hotel and loyal clients.


8. You invest in the future

Studying the needs of the hoteliers and the guests, we work on the new features and options. It only used to be information in a conveniently organized form at first; now it is a menu, city map, personalized messenger, booking engine, loyalty card, etc. Who knows, the app might be a key, temperature controller, or a button to call a robot-waiter.


9. Others already have it

The global hospitality market leaders even have departments that develop and manage mobile apps. Taking into consideration the trend for the Internet things, spread of the mobile and portable devices and update of the market tools, the mobile application has already become a competitive advantage, now and it will definitely become a common hotel service, the same as on-line booking or free WI-FI.